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Where can a foreign citizen get a consultation about execution of documents and admission into Belarusian university or college? How can he receive a studying  invitation and student visa? How much do the registration, insurance, visa and accommodation cost? What documents should a foreign citizen provide the university with and when should he apply documents?

Dear foreign entrants, we receive many questions from you about the admission into Belarusian universities or colleges.  In this particular article we tried to gather the answers to your most frequently asked questions, and also we put the additional information in a special section FOREIGN ENTRANT


We hope that this information will help you to become a successful student of one of our country’s universities!

Who is eligible to enroll into a Belarusian university?

Foreign entrants who have complete secondary education and have a good command of Russian are eligible to enroll into Belarusian university.

What can do foreign entrants who don’t have a good command of Russian?

Those entrants who don’t speak Russian sufficiently may first enter pre-university courses for studying Russian and other subjects.


·         Foreign entrants who passed the exams after finishing preparatory courses in a chosen university are enlisted in the university without entrance exams on the basis of the interview.

·        If a foreign entrant doesn’t pass exams after preparatory courses or expelled from the university he will have to leave the territory of Belarus.

How can a foreign entrant receive the studying invitation?

To receive the studying  invitation a foreign citizen must provide the educational institution with the following documents:

·        The copy of education certificate indicating the studied subjects and received examination scores;

·        The copy of passport or other identification document;

·        Application  with passport data, home address, telephone/fax, e-mail address;

·        Medical assessment report and certificate of the HIV-negative status of the applicant  issued by the official health authority of the country of entrant’s residence.


1.      The documents in a foreign language should be provided with its Belarusian or Russian translations certified by the notary.

2.      When educational institution receives all the necessary documents from the applicant it decides if it’s possible to arrange the studying invitation.

3.      The university sends ready studying invitation to the applicant or to Belarusian Embassy in applicant’s country of residence.

4.      An applicant claims an educational visa at local Belarusian consular institution.

5.      The studying invitation is given to an applicant free of charge.

How can a foreign entrant get a student visa?

A student visa is processed at Belarusian consular institution at place of residence.

After a foreign citizen receives the studying invitation he can apply documents for a student visa to Belarus. In this case, the national visa of B-type is requested and it is extended upon arrival in the country, if the reason of staying in Belarus is studying.


1.      Visa document requirements may vary in different countries. For more detailed information about visa receiving in your region you can use the link to the site of Belarus Ministry of Foreign Affairs (http://www.mfa.gov.by) or Belarusian embassy in the country of residence.

2.      Consular fee for educational visa is paid at the place of getting visa.

3.      For citizens of foreign countries where there is no diplomatic mission or Belarusian consular institution there exists an opportunity to obtain all types of entry visas upon arrival at National Airport Minsk, that is to Foreign Admissions Division of the Consular Directorate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus.


How much do registration, insurance, visa and accommodation cost?

·         Temporary stay registration - 6-7$ (a month), 45$ (a year).

·         Medical insurance - 85€ a year.

·         Obligatory medical examination - 100-110 $ (primary), 60-70$ (follow-up, annual)

·         Entry and exit visa - 45$

·         Exit visa - 15$

·         Dormitory living costs - 10-30$ a month

What documents must a foreign entrant provide the University with?

For the pre-selection period foreign citizens provide the foreign-relations department (faculty) of the chosen university with the following documents:

1.      A completed application form;

2.      Copies of education documents with the studied subjects and received examination scores/points (General Certificate of Secondary Education/diploma from higher educational institution with the supplement; other certificates of qualification upgrading courses, foreign language courses, etc.) with Russian translation certified by the notary;

3.      The copy of medical assessment issued by the official health authority of the country of entrant’s residence (the example of medical certificate); for Turkmenistan citizens –medical certificate on form 086/h 9with Russian translation) certified by the notary;

4.      The copy of passport valid for the period of study and its translation into Russian certified by the notary (unless the passport is in Russian);

5.      Motivation letter justifying the choice of the specialty up to 1 page (item an with the explanation how is the chosen specialty connected with the entrant’s previous education and future plans);

6.      The envelope with return address.


1.      The documents marked “applicationforstudy” are sent to the university by post.

2.      The admission board of the university examines applied documents and holds a pre-selection of applicants. In case of positive decision, the university sends an official invitation to the applicant which is necessary for visa receiving at Belarus consular institution in the place of residence (for the foreign citizens from the countries with entry visa regime with Belarus).

What documents should the entrant provide upon arrival in Belarus?

  • An application form for admission of the established pattern;
  • The originals of education documents indicating the subjects studied and received examination scores;
  • The original of medical assessment confirming that the foreign entrant is able to study in Belarusian climatic conditions certified by health authorities of the country that sends the applicant for study;
  • Medical certificate of the HIV-negative status of the applicant  issued by the official health authority of the country entrant’s residence;
  • The copy of birthday certificate certified as established;
  •  6-8 photos sized 3x4 sm.

When does the academic year begin in Belarus?

In Belarus the academic year begins from the 1st of September and it’s divided into 2 semesters:

1.      September 1st-January 31st.

2.      February 10th –June 30th.

When should a foreign entrant apply documents to the admission board?

Specific dates of enrollment in the universities for foreign entrants are not fixed. Every university may accept entrants during the whole academic year.


The documents are submitted not later than 2 months before the beginning of classes in Russian or English by post, fax or e-mail.

Will be the student given an accommodation in the dormitory?

Accommodation in the dormitory is given to the foreign students on a mandatory basis.

The majority of students live in dormitories. The rooms are for 2-3 people. The cost of the dormitory for one person is 10-30$ a month.

The cost of the apartments in Minsk depends on its conveniences and location and varies from 250$ to 450 $ a month.

In other towns the rent is considerably lower.

Does a foreign entrant need the medical insurance and how much does it cost?

Health insurance system allows foreigners to receive any medical assistance on the territory of Belarus except for dental services.

Foreign citizens who are temporary staying on the territory of the Republic of Belarus must have insurance medical policy for all period of stay.


If a foreign citizen doesn’t have an eligible medical insurance contract with a foreign insurance company and he refuses to conclude an agreement for obligatory medical insurance in cases prescribed by the  legislation of the Republic of Belarus he will not be allowed to cross the border of the Republic of Belarus.

Medical insurance tariffs for foreign citizens:

·        from 1$-for a term of 2 days

·        85$- for a term of 1 year

Where can a foreign citizen obtain a medical insurance?

At all border check points  in Belarus as well as in the airports and railway stations there are offices of state insurance companies where a foreign citizen can arrange an insurance medical policy.

A foreign citizen can get the detailed information about medical insurance and foreign insurance companies which insurance policies are valid on the territory of Belarus on the site “Belgosstrakh”.

Where can a foreign citizen get a qualified consultation about execution of documents and entrance into Belarusian  university or college?

The Head of Foreign Citizens Acceptance and Accompaniment Department: Kreinina Olga Valer’evna: E-mail: icec@nihe.by

The Head of Foreign Credentials Assessment Department (Belarussian ENIC): Mitskevich Ina Andreevna: E-mail: mitskevich@nihe.by


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